Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine

The first public EVM deployment using EOSIO blockchain technology

Telos is ready today, deploy your Solidity smart contract Telos

See how it works. Follow this tutorial with creator Syed Jafri from Telos Validator, EOS Cafe


Introduction to Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine

Finally, a low cost way to run Ethereum dApps at scale

Telos EVM is an Ethereum Virtual Machine, like the Ethereum network, that operates on the Telos Blockchain to take advantage of the higher capacity and lower operating costs of Telos. Any valid smart contract written in Solidity (0.5.16) can be deployed to Telos EVM and operate as it would on the Ethereum network, at far lower costs and higher performance.

How does Telos EVM work?

Solidity contract code performed on Telos

Telos EVM uses the eosio.evm smart contract written for EOSIO blockchains to interpret Solidity contract code and perform it on Telos. Additional infrastructure developed on Telos provides the API and history servers, wallet access, and block explorer functions needed to turn the eosio.evm contract into a user-ready system that can operate indistinguishably from the Ethereum network as far as Dapp users are concerned. Telos Core Developers and block producers develop and maintain these systems.

Telos EVM can operate any Solidity contract that runs on Ethereum. It is recommended that contracts be updated to the most recent version of Solidity (0.5.16) prior to deploying on Telos EVM.

Network Comparison – Telos vs Ethereum

Telos Block Time 0.5 second
Ethereum Block Time 12 seconds
Telos 10,000 Transactions per second
Ethereum 14 Transactions per second
Telos ZERO transaction fees
Ethereum average transaction fee $0.15

Get Started

Telos is ready today, deploy your smart contracts on Telos testnet


Telos Testnet

Developers can deploy Solidity smart contracts onto the Telos testnet today. This is an open testing period.

Telos Studio IDE

Telos uses account name: telos.evm, not eosio.evm as seen in the video.

No Dev environment needed, use Telos Studio IDE and select ‘Telos Testnet’ to start deploying and testing your Ethereum Smart Contracts today

Telos Validator

See how it works. Follow this tutorial with creator Syed Jafri from Telos Validator, EOS Cafe.

Road Map

Project Milestones


Core Product Manager

Jim Hewitt appointed as ‘Project Coordinator’

Creation of a Core Development Team

Core Dev Lead Eugene Luzgin – EOS Tribe | Kibisis
Milestone Two

Development 2

Testnet featuers

Development 2

Testnet featuers