Telos EVM

The most powerful and scalable Ethereum Smart Contract platform available today


What makes Telos EVM so Powerful?

30x the speed of Ethereum with 0.5s Block Times
100-500x the capacity
Cost Efficient
100 times more affordable
No Front Running
No front running or sandwich trading

Ethereum natively has a maximum of 1.7 million transactions per 24 hours. 

With Telos EVM that number is in the hundreds of millions

What Is Telos EVM?

Telos EVM enables the most scalable DeFi experience seen today.

  • The platform to deploy Ethereum contracts with leading 10,000+ TPS scalability
  • A burgeoning Telos based Ethereum ecosystem with swarms of developers, users and investors joining the fold.
  • Publicly accessible and fully decentralized.

Join the Telos EVM Movement

We are currently welcoming new partners, projects and investors from the Etheruem community.

Technical Roadmap

Milestone 1: Testnet Trials

This milestone contains some of the first user testable features of Telos EVM.

  • Runs on a testnet
  • Limited EVM and JSON RPC compatibility
Milestone 2: EVM and JSON-RPC Compatibility on Testnet
  • Runs on a testnet
  • Developers can deploy their own Telos EVM instances for local development
  • Runs automated test suites of popular Ethereum/Solidity projects (SushiSwap, OpenZeppelin, MakerDAO)
Milestone 3: First Mainnet Release

EVM readiness for real-word Dapps and decentralised finance.

  • Mainnet launch with an alpha state
Milestone 4: Additional Ecosystem Improvements

First DeFi applications running on Telos EVM on mainnet.

The Telos EVM Team has been hard at work, tackling all the steps laid out in our EVM Roadmap! Developers can learn more about the details of this process in our technical documentation. 

Telos EVM Team

A priority has been to develop a structure that allows us to operate as efficiently as possible. So, we have a dedicated team working behind the scenes to bring the Telos EVM to life! We’re constantly growing in both our reach and the number of people involved. If you’re interested in getting involved drop us a line below!

Project Technical Lead
Jesse Schulman
Project Manager
George Vernon
The Godfather
Douglas Horn
History & Block Explorer Developer
Igor Lins e Silva
ABI & Solidity Source Code Developer
Eugene luzgin
Dapp Development
Pavel Martnov
EVM Development & Documentation
Harsh Udasi
Public Relations Specialist
Lliam Buckley
Partnerships & Dapp Onboarding
Jeff Nowak

Latest News!

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