The Gamification Platform

Powering third-party applications to create challenges and tasks that utilize gaming mechanics to motivate and promote user engagement. Gamify tracks users’ progress and notifies you when they are completed!

Increase user engagement

Get your customers excited every time they log in by creating fully customizable challenges that, once completed, enable customers to earn tokens, badges, or level-up.

Maximize marketing efforts

Get the word out about your dApp for less money by rewarding your customers for sharing a social post, writing a comment, or following a specific account.

Reward employees

With remote work becoming the norm, and decentralized corporations becoming more well known, bountyblok offers an innovative way to motivate your team. Create incentives for your team’s Asana workspace, allowing them to earn tokens, points, or a user-defined achievement for completing the challenges, as well as rank them in weekly, monthly, and overall leader boards.


How Gamification Works

Engaging users on a constant basis is key for applications to not only maintain, but grow their user base and also their revenues. By defining clear tasks and goals and properly tracking the progress, users are incentivised to keep coming back and earn more points, rewards, badges, rankings, and sometimes even money


Positive Feedback

Provide positive re-enforcement via points, medals, ladder placings and digital items


Reward your users with blockchain tokens redeemable for gifts, real money, gift cards or anything you want

Seamless integrations with your favourite software

Integrate Zapier with bountyblok and connect to over 2,000+ web services
Set-up is simple and requires only a few clicks – no coding required

Why Blockchain?

No cheating possible here. Gamify is secure for small or mass market campaigns without any user experience overhead

  1. Rewards earned, badges and trophies won, and achievements completed are all tracked on the Telos blockchain. Traditionally, this data would simply be stored on a centralized database by the application. This can lead to many negative results such as loss or manipulation of data, monetizing the users data without them having any say, and even censorship of certain users.

  2. An achievement should belong to the user who has earned it, and blockchain technology can enable this by simply storing the information on a safe and secure decentralized database, i.e.,the blockchain.

The Technical Stuff

The software written by uses real world cases of gamification as a design guide, and the team works first hand with the applications it supports to continually evolve the functionality. supports the most used programming languages (C#, Python, PHP, Javascript, etc). Finally, the product leverages the power of the blockchain to provide a state of the art Software as a Service.

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