Welcome to the Telos Network onboarding process

Create your first 100% free Telos account

Step 1

Create Account

The free account service will use your smart phone as part of the signup process.

*If you are new to crypto accounts you may find it helpful to view the guides to Telos section before starting the process.

Step 2

View your new account on a wallet

*There are many options you can chose for among others  Anchor. Wombat. Sqrl, Tribe or Coolx

If you are new to blockchain wallets you may find it helpful to read this guide to downloading a wallet before starting the process

Step 3

Buy some TLOS the native token of the Telos Network

Once you are all set with your wallet you can press the ‘Buy Tlos’ button and start build your stash

If you need any help our great community on Telegram are always on hand to answer any questions

Guides to the Telos Network onboarding process

Contact Telos

If you have a question or would just like more information please contact us by email