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Instantly Buy TLOS with 0% fees!

Use credit, debit card or bank transfer to purchase TLOS on MoonPay

In order to purchase TLOS you need a telos account, create one one here first.

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Why does moonpay show this as a purchase of EOS?
For now the Buy TLOS portal relies on a cross network trade from EOS(EOS) to Telos(TLOS). Fear not however, you will receive
TLOS in the Telos account you have designated within minutes to an hour of the transaction taking place.

Having Trouble?

You can now purchase TLOS with a simple withdrawal transaction from any wallet or exchange supporting EOS! Check out the instructions here.

Is this purchase truly fee free?
We have no oversight on the charges some credit card companies may charge. Check with your specific bank on what those might be.

What can I use TLOS for?
TLOS is the native crypto currency of the Telos Network Economy, it’s primary purpose is as a Utility token to pay/stake for transactional capacity on the Telos Network. Beyond that It is used as a form of payment and trade for digital and physical assets as well as the provision of trading liquidity. Check out TSwaps, Telos Staking Rewards and

How long will it take to receive my TLOS?
If you are going through KYC verification for the first time it could take an hour or longer. If you have previously KYC’d the transaction may go through within a few minutes or less.

Contact Telos

If you have a question or would just like more information please contact us by email