Telos powering the networked ecosystem of the future

Funding the next stage of prominence for the global crypto-currency, TLOS


Telos powers the economy of the future

A networked ecosystem enabling visionary leaders and communities to work together to build a new global economy

Access a truly global economy

Digital currencies and assets created on Telos move without intermediaries such as banks. The network is accessible to the billions of unbanked world wide.

Build autonomous corporations

Visionary leaders are building network driven entities that are socially and incentive aligned – creating powerful network effects.

Move network assets instantly

Sick of waiting 3 days to do anything? Imagine receiving value as quickly as it is created. On Telos value can be moved in 0.5 seconds.

News and events

All the latest updates from the Telos networked ecosystem

Introducing TLOS the Telos Network ticker

TLOS is the Telos networks native digital asset required for staking, leasing and voting

In the same way ETH is the native ticker of the Ethereum Network

Look out for the Telos purple circle ticker symbol on exchanges


Instantly Buy TLOS with 0% fees!

Use credit, debit card or bank transfer to purchase TLOS on MoonPay

The heart of Telos ecosystem

The worlds most powerful network


0.5 second block times
Reeresponsive API’s

User Friendly

Free user transactions
Free user accounts with human friendly names


10,000+ TPS
Massive community network effects

A Telos Network wallet will keep your new TLOS safe

Wallets are used to store your TLOS tokens and the take part in the Telos ecosystem

You can trade your TELOS

Exchanges to trade your TLOS tokens and the take part in the wider network ecosystem

Telos powering the networked ecosystem

Live projects on the Telos ecosystem

Bring Your Project to the Telos Ecosystem

Investigate how to bring your project to life on the most scalable
network platform ever